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About The Program

The mission statement for our partner program is simple:

  • Create the best solutions for our mutual customers
  • Solidify maximum profit and trusted advisor status
    for our partners
  • Ensure that doing business with empow is easy
    for everyone



Membership Benefits

Be first to market with a game changing solution.

Receive industry leading margins on new deals AND renewals, incumbency protection on your profit for years to come.

Get access to our lead gen materials to hit the ground running before your competitors.

Receive 24/7 access to online labs & solve customer issues before you touch their environment.

Become 19% better looking on average after suggesting empow to you customers. (individual results may vary)


"As a top-tier university and research center we
rely mostly on our own technological innovations to secure our campus network. But we made an exception in the case of empow. empow's next generation SIEM platform allows us to better use the security tools we have, in a flexible way, to understand attacker intent and improve threat mitigation."

Michail Bletsas, Director of Network and Computing Systems, MIT Media Lab

What You Get

Marketing Tools

New generation solutions require new ways of reaching your customers. Utilize our materials to help get to market faster with our corporate branding and marketing materials.

Sales Tools

Trying to figure out how to tell everyone what you've discovered? Don't worry we already figured it out. Copy our stuff, we won't tell the teacher.

Deal Registration

Industry leading margins for bringing customers solutions that provide real ROI? "Hmmm, that sounds good. I'll have that".

Training & Certification

Knowledge is power. Use it for the benefit of mankind, my friend.

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The empow NEW GEN Partner Program combines our leading edge SIEM platform with a 100% partner-focused go-to-market strategy.

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